Traveling Tips for Dog Lovers

Do you have a canine companion that you want to take with you on adventures around Connecticut? Then you will appreciate the traveling tips brought to you by Canine Behavior Specialist, Katelin Thomas, in the video below. As you will discover, this Dog Aide knows what it takes to make traveling with your pup not just easier but more enjoyable for the both of you!

Some notable tips from the clip include the following:


  • Take your dog for a long walk or play a round of fetch before the trip. This will lessen hyperactivity.
  • Pack a drinking dish as well as water. That way, you can keep your dog hydrated.
  • Set up a blanket or a sheet over the seats to catch stray hairs. This will make clean up easier.
  • Make sure your dog has its collar. Proper identification is always a must!
  • Stream classical music and/or spray pheromones. This will help anxious dogs feel much calmer.


These are just some examples of the tips mentioned by Katelin Thomas. Follow them and surely your journey-to-come will be far more pleasant for you and your pup, too!

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