Bamboo is a Part of the Ford Sustainability Mission

Ford engineers view challenges as opportunities, and this mindset makes all the difference. Road blocks are a source of inspiration, paving the way for further innovations in the automotive industry, and such is the case with more recent concerns regarding the environment. Natural resources are limited, and the Ford Motor Company knows that business as usual is not a suitable solution. That is why sustainability is now a part of its core mission. One example is its plans to integrate bamboo, a renewable material, into the composition of its products.

Known as "vegetable steel" in South America, bamboo is widely used for the construction of buildings, household items, and more. Yet its impressive durability is but one reason for its popularity. Growing as much as three feet a day, it is also much easier and faster to restore the supply. In this way, bamboo is as reliable as it is desirable, which is why Ford is now looking to it for a greener approach to its methods.

The company says it plans to utilize bamboo more into its work in the near future, and that means our customers at Hoffman Auto Group can look forward to seeing more eco-conscious Ford models as a part of our collection soon. So we urge our Connecticut friends and neighbors who want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle to stay tuned because the future certainly looks brighter for Ford.

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