Your Car's Performance Depends on the Right Tires

Every car experiences wear and tear. Even if your mileage per year isn't high, your tires can still get worn down. Worn treads can decrease the performance of your car, leaving it less safe and less capable than it should be.

Even if you have new tires, having the wrong kind of tires can still cause problems. While summer tires are great for the summer season, you might need something with a heavier tread for the cold months of winter. Using winter tires outside of winter, meanwhile, can damage the tires and reduce your car's performance. Typically, most vehicles need their tires replaced every three to four years.

Our team of experts at Hoffman Audi Lexus Porsche Scion Toyota has a ton of experience helping clients get the best type of tires. Contact one of our service centers if you're looking for someone to help you pick the right tires for your vehicle.

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