Take the time for brake inspections

Many people are familiar with the sound of faulty brakes, and they may even know that the familiar squeak is a pre-damage warning device. All too often, however, just knowing that makes people believe they have a little time before serious damage is done. Waiting just a little too long can turn a small brake job into a big mess. Don't let that happen to your new car, come to us here at Hoffman Auto Group.


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When you bring your car in for regular maintenance, you can be sure that one of the first things they do is inspect the brakes. Our mechanics are the most versed and specialized with the requirements of your car, and if you need attention to the braking system, we can provide that best. If you're on a maintenance schedule, keep it. If you're hearing that familiar squeal from the brakes, waste no time and get them fixed by our expert team.

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