Don’t Blame the Battery When It Could Be the Alternator

You'll naturally think of the battery when electrical problems flare up in your car. If a jump start or a new battery don't resolve your trouble, then the alternator is the next logical culprit. The alternator is a generator inside your car. The engine transfers power via a belt to the alternator. This power produces electricity for recharging your battery, but the alternator also powers your vehicle's electrical systems, like the engine computer, headlights, and windshield wipers.

Dim lights, malfunctioning gauges, and a stalling engine could be signs of a failing alternator. A burning rubber smell or whining and screeching sounds could mean that the alternator belt is shredding.

When problems like this strike your vehicle, the team at Hoffman Auto Group can inspect your alternator. Call us to schedule service for electrical problems.

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