What Safety Features Come With the Toyota Yaris?

If you want a subcompact car, the Toyota Yaris is an outstanding model. It is a popular subcompact car among consumers because it offers a variety of innovative features. At Hoffman Auto Group, our team likes to keep our customers informed about the features that come with our models, so we invite you to read below to learn about a few safety features of the Yaris.

With the Yaris, the Low-Speed Pre-Collision System is a standard safety feature. This system monitors the road ahead to detect for possible frontal collisions. When a potential frontal collision is detected, you will get a visual and audible alert. If you don't respond in time, the Low-Speed Pre-Collision System can activate the automatic brakes to help you avoid a collision.

The Active Safety System is also standard with the Yaris. This is a suite of active safety features that include Brake Assist (BA), a Traction Control System (TCS), a Brake Override System (BOS), and more.



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