The New Ford Focus RS is a Looker

One thing Hoffman Auto Group knows is that a good vehicle not only has to drive well but look great. Car shoppers want a car they can feel good about while driving in Connecticut and beyond, which is what the Ford Focus RS offers.

Design Features That Make the Ford Focus RS Special

There is no doubt that Ford Focus RS designers wanted people to turn their heads. You can tell because of the stylings that make this performance hatchback great.

For one, the vehicle comes with the next thing in aerodynamic design, giving you more fuel economy and a sporty look.

Secondly, the vehicle also comes with a front grille that allows the car to look quite attractive and powerful. It should also be pointed out that this car comes with a rear diffuser, which is there to improve aerodynamics.

Come and take a test drive with us so you can feel the difference in this new model.



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