Check Out the Tech on the Lincoln Navigator


SUVs proved so incredibly popular that luxury models hit the market long ago. The Lincoln Navigator ranks as a top luxury SUV loaded with consumer-friendly features. The technology specs will appeal to buyers interested in a cutting edge model.

Active Park Assist is a tech feature commuters struggling to deal with crowded conditions. Driving around the block and looking for a rare parking spot becomes incredibly frustrating. APA sensors finds available spots for a driver. In addition, the system provides steering support to help the driver park in the spot.

The "heads-up display" places digital data in the driver's field of vision. A crystal-clear view of the gas gauge and speedometer makes driving easier. Custom programming allows the heads-up display to display whatever a driver prefers. Special light projection enhances visibility.

Reviewing the specs tells a tale, but a test drive reveals all. Explore the models at Hoffman Auto Group by going on that drive.



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