Auto Watch

 You've had an accident
You want your car back quickly, and you want it done right.

Our Goal is to exceed your expectations
Hoffman Auto Body is proud to offer you the ability to
view the progress of your vehicle's repairs and progress.
Simply follow these steps:
Go to // and select the Vehicle Owners Tab.
Simply enter your phone number, pictures and notes will be displayed
We know that having your care repaired after an accident is not something you look forward to. That's why we are 100% committed to keeping your completely informed about the progress of your repairs.
We use AutoWatch?, and that means that you can see the progress of the repairs to your vehicle on our web site, 24 hours a day! You'll know exactly what's happening with your vehicle.
We strive to be totally transparent with our customers - with honesty and integrity.
  • See digital photos of your vehicle throughout the repair process
  • Receive messages from us on the status of your repairs
  • Send questions, comments and messages to us via email
  • Provide us with feedback on how we're doing
We're serious about customer service, and good communications is the key. That's why we offer AutoWatch.
Please visit our website and check on the progress of your car!

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