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For nearly a century, Hoffman Auto Group has been community focused and driven by trust. We are committed to our customer's satisfaction and comfort, from hello to congratulations and beyond.
Buying or leasing your new vehicle is an exciting experience! Choosing which option makes the most sense for you can be tough. Here at Hoffman Auto Group, it is our pleasure to assist in answering all of your financing questions!
Leases and loans are simply two different methods of car financing. Leasing a vehicle finances the use of the car; financing a vehicle finances the purchase of a car. Each option has its own benefits.
It's not possible to say that one is always better than the other, because it depends on your own particular situation and preferences. No matter what you choose, each and every vehicle purchased from Hoffman Auto Group is uniquely handled with the utmost care and attention.
Please feel free to contact any of our Business Managers with any further questions or to request additional information. We look forward to you joining the Hoffman family! 

Lease vs Finance a Car

Choosing whether to lease or buy is an important decision. We often get questions about the difference between buying and leasing a new Hoffman vehicle. But which option is right for you? 
You should lease a car if you'd like to drive a new vehicle every two or three years, prefer typically lower monthly costs and payments, tend to drive around 12,000 miles in a year and want to avoid potentially costly maintenance.
However, you should think about purchasing your next vehicle if you typically like to keep your car for longer than four years and tend to drive in excess of 15,000 miles per year, and can afford a larger monthly payment. For help figuring out your payment, check out our free Auto Loan Calculator tool.

Why do leases generally cost less per month?

Lease agreements generally cost less per month than purchasing your new car. As an example, if you lease a car that costs $20,000, that will have an estimated value of $13,000 after 24 months. You pay for the $7000 difference (depreciation). Alternatively, using the same example, when you buy, you pay the entire $20,000.

Calculate budget

One of the first steps in the process of buying a car is figuring out what your budget is. A car loan is a debt, so it's important to shop based on what you can truly afford to pay. Once you identify your price range, you may be surprised by the list of vehicles you can afford!
When figuring out your down payment, most experts suggest 20% of the car's price. You should always check to see if the vehicle you have your eye on has any cash back offers, and keep in mind your trade in value. Both of these can have an effect on your down payment.
To help with budgeting for your new Hoffman vehicle, check out our Car Finance Calculator.

Warranty and Insurance

When you purchase your vehicle from Hoffman, you'll have the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty. These warranties cover a wide range of services and repairs for your vehicle. When done at any authorized dealer, these approved repairs can be completed without paying out of pocket.

Insurance Rates:
Car insurance is a necessary part of owning a car. It can help protect you from expensive and costly surprises. While certain types of vehicles can result in higher insurance rates, they can be negotiable. If you need coverage for automobile, or any other kind of insurance, the Hoffman Insurance Agency of CT is on-site in the Avon Auto Park to assist with all your needs to keep you covered in the years to come. 

Get insured with Hoffman Insurance Agency of Connecticut powered by AllState.

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